Millie’s Birthday Dress

I should have known , I never had a chance!


I worked SO hard sewing up Millie’s little birthday dress. I was so excited for her to wear her special little frock for her birthday party. She picked out the super sparkly fabric, she picked out the buttons. I loved how we were able to collaborate a little bit. She loved it when we tried it on a couple days before the big day… Except for she said “Mommy you forgot pockets, I need pockets!” So I dutifully ripped the skirt seams and inserted a pocket for my little birthday girl.

Now let me preface with the fact that I LOVE Millie’s Grampa. He is amazing at buying her birthday and Christmas presents. Everything he has ever gotten her has been her FAVORITE. And he is ESPECIALLY amazing at picking out special princess dresses… So I should have known! There was NO competing with the pink sparkly sequined poofy skirted dress he bough her for her birthday. I’ll admit, the dress he bought is amazing. She wanted NOTHING to do with the dress that I had slaved over. Tears squirted out of her face, she wanted her dress from Grampa. I swear I almost cried. I was crushed! But after a few minutes of heartbreak, I decided it was her birthday and she could wear whatever she wanted and whatever made her happy. My feelings didn’t matter.


So I have pictures of her dress, but not with her partying in it like I had planned. I did manage to get her to put it on after the party, after everyone left, with the promise that I paint her face like a tiger. HA! My silly fickle four year old. Such a big girl. Where on earth does the time go?


I used the Harper Dress pattern from Peekaboo Pattern Shop. I made the bodice with a size 4 and the skirt a size 5. I gathered the skirt a bit to fit into the bodice which I think adds a cute little fullness to it.


I sewed up the bodice using the same method I used in my Stargazer dress tutorial so I wouldn’t have to do any hand sewing.


After using the cupcake buttons on the bodice, I wasn’t sure what do about the button for the belt, so I took some left over sparkly purple fabric and made it into a button with some old button that came with a huge lot from ebay.


I can’t decide if I like it better with or without the belt, but it is kind of neat that I can go either way :)


So there you have it. A picture of Millie wearing the dress, face paint in hand, ready to be turned into a tiger. House destroyed from a party in the background. I couldn’t even get her to look at me for the photo!

So the moral of the story is, it doesn’t matter how much effort or thought you put into something. It won’t always go as planned. That and my sweet baby is no longer a baby. She is a strong willed four year old kid with concrete and unwavering opinions and ideas.

Oh! And we are crazy and got her a kitten! You know what she said her favorite gift was? A purse that looks like a cat. Not the actual living, breathing kitten :/ Silly girl!

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  1. When my son was little he loved trains. For his 4th birthday I took him to Union Station to go on a real train ride from Washington to Baltimore. While waiting for t he train we went into the train store where they had a little toy Brio train set. When we got on the real train he said “Can we go back and play with the little train?” :)

  2. There’s a funny family story about the girl who cried to board an airplane because she could no longer look at it from the airport window. And the one about the boy who cried when told to turn the TV off because it was time to go to DisneyWorld.

    I love your effort anyway–thanks for sharing.

  3. I feel your pain, when my oldest was young, probably Millie’s age, we would sit down and plan her wonderful little outfits, I thought she loved them as much as I loved making them until one day in a fabric store we were waiting in line to get some fabric cut and she burst into tears, I leaned down, wondering what could possibly be wrong, perhaps she had changed her mind on her fabric choice and she said in the loudest voice a four year old could muster, “PLEASE MOMMY, COULD I HAVE A STORE BOUGHT DRESS!”. Needless to say everyone looks at us, I quietly put the fabric back and took her to the mall and bought her a dress. That stopped me from sewing for years, I was so heartbroken.
    Millie will change her mind, she will one day love that dress and when she gets older she will love that you made them for her, mine did. It is such a wonderful dress. What mothers will go through for our children.

    1. Oh my goodness I would have cried!! I’m sorry that destroyed your passion for sewing! I am fully aware that at one point Millie will want nothing to do with the things I make her so I better enjoy the heck out of it now!! And in the mean time probably better my skills because she may one day ask me to sew her wedding dress or something crazy like that!

  4. I love this dress! The purple, sparkly ruffles and cupcake buttons are cute! I really like it with the belt. I’m sorry that she chose Grampa’s dress after you worked so hard on this one, but this one looks beyond cute! I’m pinning it!

    Navy Wifey Peters @ Submarine Sunday

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