Buttonhole frustrations and a quick tip that probably saved me today.

I honestly don’t know what the deal is today! I’m just about finished with Millie’s birthday dress but I swear I had issues almost every step of the way. She better appreciate it, I almost don’t want to look at it anymore!

I’m not sure why I have to keep relearning that it is important to read ALL directions BEFORE cutting and sewing.. sigh.. I blame all the mishaps on pre-coffee sewing and constant interruptions. There were several times I had to walk away from the machine in mid-seam due to crying baby and playful toddler. (At nearly 4 she is still a toddler, right?)

Thank goodness all the bits that are wonky are not seen from the outside, they are all seam issues… Except for those dang button holes. My machine was not cooperating with me today! I must have sewn and then ripped buttonholes at least ten times today!! Those little stitches are so tight and so hard to rip! I even walked away from it for a while thinking my machine and I just needed some space..  I just got to the point where they were in but not perfectly spaced and decided to just say “You know what? No more. I’m  done.”

Thank goodness I remembered the little tip about using a pin at the top of the button hole to block the seam ripper from tearing the stitches! I could just see myself completely ruining the dress by being frustrated and ripping too hard! I probably would have lost my mind if that happened.


Just slide the pin through the top of your buttonhole before you slice it open and you will never rip the thread! Yay!

So now I just have to sew the buttons on and cross my fingers that this dress actually fits her! Yipes..

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