September is National Sewing Month

So September is National Sewing Month, and I am starting off very poorly! I have had such a hard time finding little moments to get my sewing in lately! I have lots of projects in my head with lots of deadlines. Millie’s birthday dress, which NEEDS to be done before Sunday, I really wanted to participate in the Project Run and Play sew along, which the first project is also due at the end of this week, I haven/t even started that!.. Also Quinn is popping teeth out and drooling everywhere (a reason I haven’t been able to sew) and I really wanted to make some bibs so he doesn’t have a soaking wet shirt at all times..

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But I read a few neat facts about sewing this morning..

Real practical sewing machines have only been around since around 1850.

Native Americans used porcupine quills to hand sew

┬áDid you know that the term “the whole nine yards” had to do with sewing? Apparently it used to take 9 yards to make a whole fancy 3 piece suit for a man in the early 1900’s!

Also did you know that 51% of sewists own 3 or more sewing machines?? At first I laughed like, “whoa that is crazy!” But then I realized that I actually own 3 myself, LOL! I actively use 2 (my Pfaff and my Juki Serger) and I have my old Janome just sitting there waiting for me to sell it (anyone interested?) !

Hopefully this week I’ll manage some time to complete my projects! I’m halfway done with Millie’s dress, which is my top priority. I also need to make a quick Joanne’s trip to buy some fabric for the PR&P dress.. I’m pretty sure I know what I want to make..

I hope everyone is having a great Labor day weekend and having a better time than I am at getting some crafty time in!

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