Lettuce hemmed tank- Take 2!


Okay, I tried the rolled lettuce hem tank again with an old super soft tee of Jake’s. I swear I should have made some sort of “ridding husband’s tee shirt stash blog series”!


I actually REALLY like how this one turned out! And I think Millie did too! Unfortunately the photo shoot is a little silly, she had gotten into my make up that day, like SERIOUSLY make up caked all over her face, then I gave her a bath to clean it all off, put the new shirt on her then told her to hop outside so I could take pictures. I guess she thought she needed to reapply because she came outside covered in crazy lipstick. It was late and I thought it was funny so I just took the photos anyway lol.


Anyways, this time I made it a little deeper of a racer back and I really like how it came out. I used a pattern I had on hand that I had drafted from an old tee of Millie’s, just altered the shoulders to be skinnier and the back to be racer-ish.


Wow this girl is all muscle!


I also made these little shorts with the rolled lettuce hem. They are SUPER easy and super comfy, one of these days I’ll have to make a little tutorial for them.


So happy my little idea wasn’t garbage at all :)

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