Sewing for boys

I’m having a really hard time getting excited to sew for Quinn. I never realized how girly I am until faced with NOT embellishing with ruffles and pleats!! Skirts and dresses are just so much more fun than shorts and pants!


I had a pretty fun time sewing this up, though. It is an old Simplicity pattern from 1984. I wanted to use piping around the little tabs but I could not find my piping ANYWHERE. Millie uses it sometimes as a rope to tie her dolls and dangle them from the balcony (scary) and as hard as I looked, I could not find it. So I went without. But I did find these super cute elephant buttons I forgot that I had :)


I clearly didn’t try at ALL to line up the pattern at the front seam, but it doesn’t really bother me. I’m sure It would if I let it, though.. And since we use cloth diapers, which are way bulkier than disposables, the bottoms of these patterns fit great but the top is a bit loose. I like it though because it lets me get easier access to tickle his little skins under his armpits!


This little man seems to like it :)


I think if I keep up with the romper thing I’ll have plenty to coo over with sewing for my little boy. Maybe next time I’ll make something with elastic at the bottom of the leg holes so he will have a little poofy butt.. Yes! I knew I could have fun with this :)

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