Lettuce hems and when good ideas fail

You know when your kid’s head gets too big for some tee shirts, but the general fit is still okay? I was so excited when I brainstormed about what to do with Millie’s shirts that have gotten too small. I thought, “hey! I’ll make them fancy and turn them into tank tops with lettuce- rolled neck and arm holes!” So I got busy cutting into one of her shirts that she could barely still squeeze into and that I really liked.

I set my serger to make a rolled lettuce hem and sewed it up. I decided it would look cuter with the bottom hem done the same way so I did that too. My first mistake was I accidentally sewed the neckline inside out, making the hem sort of billow out a little bit, which looks weird. I fixed it but it ended up making the neck hole bigger than I really wanted it and it still sort of billows out. I think it looks okay though.. Also, it might be the quality of the fabric, but even at the strongest lettuce setting my serger has, it didn’t actually ruffle up as much as I wanted it to. I’m hoping that after I wash it, it might curl out some more. But really the big fail is that when I asked Millie to put it on, she said “OKAY!” at first, but then the second she had it on, she said she wanted it off and that she didn’t like it. She had it on for probably 10 seconds before she took it off. Then Jake was like “Hey that was totally a wearable shirt!” So I ruined a good shirt that Millie actually wore. I guess I should have tested this out one something crappy before using a shirt we all liked. Maybe if I attach a billowy skirt to the bottom of the shirt this girly girl I have will actually wear it.. Either that or this project was just a heap of junkĀ  :(

I still like it, though! And I managed to bribe her with “Spongebob Grampants” to get some photos. Zero genuine smiles here, people. And no cooperation with poses. But at least you can see what I did :)





I won’t give up with this look. I think I’ll try it on an old tee shirt of Jake’s (seriously, he has way too many, I need to get rid of them) maybe softer material will curl up more. And maybe there is hope for this shirt since the Spongebob episode is over and she is still wearing it!!

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