Free motion embroidery


So now that I have this free motion foot, I’ve been thinking of all the things I can do with it. I was doodling around while practicing and I decided embellishing shirts for the kids would be a GREAT way to get rid of more of Jake’s tee shirt supply. So I made a really quick little project for Quinn and embroidered a little shark on a tee that I turned into an envelope tee, pattern from Growing up Sew Liberated.

I really did this so fast, trying to get it done while Quinn napped (it didn’t work, I had to finish it up with him on my lap). I cut it so I could use the hem of the bottom of the shirt, and I didn’t even bother hemming the sleeves, I just serged them to finish them. Quinn was just getting a bit too restless.. Maybe I’ll get to that step another day, maybe not :P

Since It was my first try at it, I kept it small. I’m positive I did it wrong, lol but I’ll tell you how I did it :)

I know there are specialty stabilizers for things like this, but I just used regular printer paper. I’m cheap and wanted to do it on the fly instead of having to trek it over to a store to purchase something. Let me tell you the paper worked perfectly! Also, instead of putting the paper on the bottom and sewing the fabric on top, I drew my little picture on the paper and put the paper on top of the fabric, that way I could draw the design to trace without having to draw on the actual fabric.


I made it one continuous line and when I was done, I carefully ripped the paper off. It was pretty easy since the needle made the paper perforated. I pulled the top threads to the bottom and tied them to the bobbin threads then trimmed them.


Pretty cute and simple!

I did this before cutting out the pattern so I could put the shark where I wanted it and also just in case the fabric got all puckery and weird.. This was my first time doing it and didn’t know what to expect.

I’m not going to go through cutting and sewing the pattern, any ol’ pattern for a shirt or dress would work :) Imagine the possibilities!


So happy I can use this little foot for a lot more than just quilting! I plan on getting more adventurous with my fabric art on clothes in the future :)

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