Drunkard’s Path quilt is complete!!!!


I am so excited to have finally finished my first real quilt!! A modern drunkard’s path!


I can hardly believe how many hours of my life were put into cutting, piecing, sewing, sorting, basting, quilting and especially hand binding this thing! I really hope Millie appreciates this! Of course I fear that she will hate it because it stole hours from actually playing with her… So far she seems to love it though! Maybe she just loves that I am finally done with it, haha. I finished late last night and she insisted on sleeping with it and she wanted to share it with Quinn and her daddy :)


Her birthday is only a couple weeks away and I contemplated waiting until then to give it to her, but I am a girl of little patience and handed it over to her nanoseconds after I tied the last knot on the thread holding the binding on.


I’m super excited about everything with this quilt. I even matched up the pattern in the back almost perfect!


And Let me tell you, having the bias tape organized and rolled onto an old spool of thread made things go very fast and smoothly.


Even though it took forever, I enjoyed every aspect of making this. It took me ALL DAY to hand sew the binding on, but I had forgotten how much I enjoy the act of hand sewing.


I decided to go with free motion stippling for the quilted texture, which was super fun and fast.


I love all these crinkles!

IMG_2841 IMG_2843

I could just stare at it for days, so happy!!


Looks like it works!

36 thoughts on “Drunkard’s Path quilt is complete!!!!

  1. That took you quite a bit of patience, time and effort. It’s so beautiful. I saw bits and pieces of the posts you shared leading up to it’s completion and it truly did turn out beautiful. Congrats on a completed piece!:)

      1. Hi Michelle, you’re welcome! Though it’s been a running play by play, I appreciate you taking the time to share all the detailed steps of your projects. Have a nice Labor Day weekend! Blessings!

  2. I’m so impressed with you for doing curves on your first “real” quilt. I’ve been quilting for years and I still avoid them! The quilt is beautiful.

    1. Haha, my eyes are always drawn to the more round shapes in quilt tops, I wanted my first to be something I really loved so I wouldn’t get sick of it half way through :) It wasn’t as hard as people think it is, I think! You should try one!

    1. This was my first “real” quilt :) My first actual quilt was a circle quilt that I made my son, there is a picture of it on my very first blog post, the “welcome” one :)
      Thank you so much for the complement! I am actually really proud of it too! It is nice to get validation from actual quilters and sewers because all my husband can say is “that is nice, sweetie” lol

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