Sew-a-longs and sewing challenges

I’ve never participated in any sew-a-long before but I really want to start! Project Run and Play starts in September and I am totally looking forward to participating this season! They have really great themes to work with and I’m super excited about it. I’ve already gotten nerdy and drawn out some ideas. The thing I love about it is it gets your creative juices flowing to create something new and original.

I know there are all sorts of sew-a-longs but I really don’t know where to find them! I keep running into blogs that talk about them after they occur. I found out about kids clothes week two days before was over..

So my question is:

Does anyone know of any other sew-a-long or sewing challenge coming up that I could participate in? Preferably either kids clothes or quilting related, I am scared to DEATH of sewing for myself for some reason… I would love to find some fun things to join in on!!

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