I know you are sick of these quilt updates by now!

I know, I know! This is taking me forever! But the first thing on my agenda after returning home was to TACKLE this quilt and finally complete it!! I woke up at around 6am (the great thing about vacationing in a more eastern time zone is you get to wake up earlier at home) and taped the back to the floor then put the quilt top, which was already rolled up into the batting, on top and basted that sucker.


I’m not ever one for “UFO’s” or unfinished objects, but I can totally see how people can have lots of quilt tops without ever actually quilting them. This is tedious work, people! Especially when you have a baby needing your attention and you are a crazy person who wants to finish this thing so you nurse and pin baste at the same time (yes. I did that today.) and then you try to get your daughter occupied with something else other than stepping all over your quilt and she then completely devastates you by dropping dark blue paint all over your unfinished quilt that you have already invested serious hours of your life on. Sigh. The woes of making things for your kids as they destroy them in the process. OH well, it is for her so she will only have herself to blame later!!


Oh well, now I shall get to business with the quilting action!

2 thoughts on “I know you are sick of these quilt updates by now!

  1. For the record, I, for one, never get tired of quilt updates. That paint spill is a heartbreaker, but it’s now part of the quilt’s story. No use sweating it.

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