Home, sweet home


So we are finally home! I have to admit, I was feeling pretty melancholy about vacation being over and being back home. We were gone so long I became pretty used to the glory of relaxation and a little nervous about returning to real life. It was so nice seeing Millie so utterly entertained by everything around her, she seemed to be living in complete bliss the past 10 days. There were almost zero requests for TV while we were there!! It was so sweet seeing Jake and my parents have so much unfettered time to bond with Millie and Quinn, I think that was my favorite and most important part of this whole trip. Jake works a lot and my parents live far away so it was really special to have all this time together.

If there is something that I’ve learned from my second trip to Puerto Rico, it is that Puerto Ricans LOVE children!! It seemed every time we were out in public there was a constant outcry of OOHs and AWWs pouring in the direction of Quinn. Strange sweet women (and men!) wanting to coo and hold my baby, wanting to give him lots of “besitos”. It was really nice! Last time we were there Millie was 9 months old and it was the same thing, she was like the Queen of the island! Even now that she is almost 4, people were doting all over her, too! It was really awesome seeing so many people be so sweet and kind to my family :)

Now that I’m home I remember how great it is to be home with my 2 kiddos just by myself. It was really wonderful cuddling with them this morning in our own bed and I am happy to say that I am really glad to finally be home and back into the normal swing of things. Vacation is wonderful, but honestly so is being home :)

Anyways, I thought I would share a very small portion of the pics taken on the trip.













Now onto real life!

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