How to attach the free motion foot onto a Pfaff Ambition

I decided that since there was absolutely zero information on the good ol’ interwebs or the Pfaff manual about this, I would go step by step on how to put the free motion foot on. While looking for info I found several people looking for how to do this with no answers. Believe it or not, it is far from intuitive! But once you figure out what to do it is really quite easy :)

This is the same for all Pfaff Ambition and Passport models. It is different from the other machines.

This is what the foot looks like:


To get it on, you must first remove the presser foot attachment.


Make sure you disengage the IDT before doing this. See that screw? Unscrew it. Mine was CRAZY tight and I had to find a Phillips head screwdriver with a long handle, the mini one my machine came with just wasn’t doing the job.


Now you have this nice metal shaft to put your free motion foot into :)


Lower the needle, you have to do this in order to get the metal hook above it.

Squeeze the coils on the foot down so you can get the grey part under the presser foot shaft.


Put it under and then slide it up the shaft.


Get that screw you took out before and while you are holding up the foot in place, screw it in nice and snug.


Now just lower your feed dogs (you have to pull out the tray and the switch is behind the machine) and switch your stitch length to “0.0”


And you are all set to start free motion sewing! It is really crazy fun!


I really hope someone got saved some major hassles and headaches from this! :)

117 thoughts on “How to attach the free motion foot onto a Pfaff Ambition

  1. I couldn’t have done without this.I missed a couple of vital points at class(not sure if they where mentioned at all).Fantastic.
    Thank you very much

    1. So happy I was able to help! They didn’t have the foot at my shop so I had to buy one online, it took me ages to figure it out! I was surprised at how little (no) info the web had for it!

  2. What a Lifesaver. I am a beginner Quilter with a brand new Pfaff machine and I wasn’t game to undo screws etc without knowing what I was doing. I’d sort of worked out that that was what had to happen but wasn’t confident enough to pull the machine apart (even a little bit!!!).

  3. If I hadn’t found your article I probably would have taken this machine back to the dealer and thrown it through the window (smile). Really, the instruction manual is next to no good on anything other than straight sewing. You are a genius. Thank you so very much. I can’t imagine how time consuming it was for you to do this for all of us out here. Thanks again.

  4. Thanks for the guide! Do I need to do something to the upper thread tension? Or just leave it s it is normally?

    1. Play around with it, sometimes I’ve left it as is, sometimes I’ve had to put it all the way to 7. :) it depends on the thread and the batting. Use a scrap of the exact thing you will be sewing on and check the bottom after a few stitches. If you see loops pulled from the top, tighten it up :)

  5. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! Perfect instructions and I couldn’t find anything else online. I, like Sue above, wasn’t about to dismantle my machine without step by step instructions. So nice of you to share with all of us!

  6. Thank you! So gratefull, couldn’t find any info, had tried the screw, but I thought it was “no go” when it was so tight! Thanks again, for taking the time to help out :)

  7. Brilliant, saved my wife going nuts trying to fit the foot. She couldn’t find anything on youtube that was in any way useful – saved my Sunday!!

  8. I wish I had seen your fine tutorial before I lugged new machine back to the dealer for a demo on attaching this foot. You really nailed it! The instructions should have been in the package.

    This is the first machine I’ve had that didn’t come with this foot, and it was expensive.

  9. I have this foot, but it comes to near the sandwich ,so it is difficult to move the work. I have an old darning foot from my earlier machine, a Bernette, and works nice on my Pfaff 1.0.

  10. Bless you for these excellent directions! I just bought an Ambition 1.0 and I am anxious to try some FMQing. Thanks.

  11. THANK YOU, for putting this information out there! Just got this new machine, and I couldn’t believe that they didn’t have info in the foot package or machine manual about how to attach the foot, and my dealer is an hour away!

  12. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. Your instructions are perfect for the Passport 2.0. Thank you for the great pictures and thank you for mentioning the stitch length. Since I’m new to sewing (AND quilting), this foot was a total mystery until I saw your instructions. Let’s see if my first experiment with free motion goes as well now as getting the foot attached.

  13. THANKYOU SO MUCH!!! I just got back from the sewing shop with my new foot, went to attach it & thought… “Hmmmm…. How am I supposed to do this?!” The manual didn’t help, so I went to good old Google & your blog was at the top.These steps worked for my Ambition 1.0. Thanks Michelle! Love & Gratitude!

  14. Thank you – I have had my machine for 3 years and this was the first time I attempted to put on the darning foot I got 2 years ago to try free motion – tried for 30 frustrating minutes before I googled this – what a help and frustration buster! Thanks again!

  15. Thank you for your help, these instructions should have been included with the foot or even in the manual!! At least I am now able to get on with practicing. Thanks again. Sally

  16. Oh WOW! You are totally amazing to have taken the time and patience to do this for us all ….thank you so much, I’ve had my Pfaff for 18 months and been beavering away normally, now finally got the time to start having some free hand fun and I couldn’t believe that it just wouldn’t seem to fit!!!
    THANK YOU :) xx

  17. Thanks for this! My screw was also crazy tight but I didn’t think to pull out a real screwdriver until I saw your post!

  18. Thanks so much for such clear instructions and photos. My free motion foot arrived today and I looked at that big black screw and thought ‘huh’! But I will persevere now knowing I’m doing the right thing!
    Thanks again.

  19. Life saver … On free motion quilting course tomorrow and just bought the foot .. Didn’t know where to begin… Thanks so much for your clear instructions x

  20. Thank you, so very much. My screw was very tight, I had to get someone else to get it a loose for me. I could not get my free motion foot on right, I found you and your instructions on I book marked it and went over and over it, until I got it right. There were no instructions in my booklet when I purchased my quilt ambition 2.0. Now I am good to go. Thank God for people like you.

  21. Thank you! Pfaff should put you on the payroll for saving so many of the lost sewers left in the dark by their manual.

  22. Thank you. Did have the dealer show me how to do it but that was a couple of months ago. Forgot all about compressing the springy thing on the quilting foot. Why in the world the manuals are so bare bones.

  23. Thank you so much for these instructions. May I ask what the distance is between your lowered foot and the plate with feed dogs? Sincerely.

      1. Sorry, my English isn’t perfect. I meant, when the free motion foot is attached (Ambition 2.0) and lowered down with the presser foot lift, what exactly must be the space between the foot and the stitch plate? And is it possible the change that by hand?

        1. Well, make sure you lower the feed dogs with the switch in the back. If they are lowered and you still can’t move around freely, you can adjust that to whatever you feel comfortable with with that knob on top… There isn’t a specific number you need, I guess just play around with it.. I usually have mine at the “n” position, but sometimes I’ll raise it if I’m trying to sew something thicker, twisting the knob to the left.. Does that help?

    1. Hey I bought it online, if you do research, the Ambition line uses the group “K” feet, you can do a quick google search for “pfaff ambition free motion foot” and find a few different merchants. Or go through the place you bought your machine. Just make sure it fits the ambition lines and the passport. They all take the same feet

  24. I am on my knees thanking you for this. Tell me, why do huge companies like Pfaff not give detailed instructions? I was so frustrated till you saved my day. Thanks again.

  25. Thank you so much! I like my Passport, but think Pfaff does a terrible job of providing instruction of many feet and features. It in the market for a second machine and I’m considering a return to Bernina for just this reason.

  26. I entered a comment avout support, but noticed my email address was incomplete as it sent. Sorry. Here’s the correct one.

  27. Thanks for posting these directions. One of the best things about the sewing community is that people like you think to share your knowledge with others. Hopefully, I can pay this forward some time.

  28. Thanks so much for this. I’ve had my free motion foot for several days and just keep staring at it and my machine. I can now start to have fun.

  29. Thanks so much – I couldn’t work out how to do this and nothing in manual to say. I wasn’t sure if I had to remove the foot holder or not etc. I have just got my Pfaff and love it!

  30. Thanks so very much! I am usually pretty good with figuring out puzzles like this – but without your video I would have had no idea. Any idea if I can remove the IDT contraption, as I think I have slightly the wrong model foot, and the foot sits just slightly crooked?

  31. Just as everyone else has said – thank you for the info! Just purchased my new machine, and the screw is so tight, thought it was not the right thing to remove it!
    Loving the machine so far, passport 3.0, how design has moved on since I bought my last machine about 20 years ago!

  32. Very, very helpful. Thank you. I had no idea how to start attaching the foot. Kept fiddling with it, and looked at the machine and foot for days. No instructions in the book.
    It was very helpful and now I can go crazy with quilting. Thanks so much.

  33. Dear Michellebryer, please guide what other foot we can use on Pfaff Ambition 1.5 sewing machine? And for stretchable material like Jersey which number and type of needle or thread should be used? Also possible to do the embroidery beside the computerised funcy stitches? Many thanks!

    1. All the Pfaff feet in group K work on all the Ambition models. I’ve never had to change what number to use with jersey, some people like to make the stitches a bit wider. But you shouldn’t use a straight stitch where you need stretch, the thread will break. Always use a ball point or stretch or jersey needle when sewing with knits. The only other embroidery you could do besides the fancy computerized stitches would be free motion embroidery with the free motion foot. I hope that helps!

  34. Like everyone else, I had no idea how to attach the free motion foot to my new Pfaff Ambition Essential. I was almost thinking they sold me the incorrect one! Now I am trying to get the rhythm of the free motion technique. Your images and descriptions were right in. Thanks for sharing!!

  35. Thanks so much for this! I had no idea how to attach this foot on my Quilt Ambition 2.0. I’d have expected this to have been in the manual…but no.
    Thanks again!

  36. Thanks for this, wasted half an hour figuring it out, thought the screw must come out, but because it was so tight I was worried I’d damage my lovely new machine. Great fun once I’d got the foot in place.

  37. Thank you so much for doing this! So clear, with fantastic pictures! I’ll be keeping this tutorial close at hand for future use as I’m sure I’ll need a review from time to time. God bless!

  38. Thanks so much! Usually I can figure things out but I was clueless on this. Nothing in my manual and no instructions with the foot!

  39. Thank you! I have a machine quilting class this week and needed to figure out how to attach this foot. The manual and Pfaff website just assume you know what to do… Nope! But now I do! Yay!

  40. You are an absolute star! The manual with the machine is useless & there were no instructions with the foot when I bought one. The step by step instructions are brilliant and I started playing with it straight away. Got lots of ideas on what to do next, as I also paint, I’m going to try drawing with it for cushion covers. Many thanks again.

  41. I add my many thanks to those of the ones who came before me. You are a lifesaver, Michelle! I could not for the kids of me figure it out, tried to find info on the web and finally, by luck or by providence, found your tutorial. Now I can move on to the next step quilting my sin’s wedding quilt

  42. Thank you
    My friend , who has had a Pfaff for 20 years couldn’t figure it out. It seems we should be in touch with the Pfaff manual writersOr we can just appreciate your effort and instruction.
    Again , thank you

  43. Thank you so much for this it’s been driving me mad trying to fit this foot couldn’t find help anywhere this was sooooo great to find love the machine but instruction manual for a beginner like me is worse than useless thanks again

  44. This has FINALLY allowed me to start free-motion quilting. I’ve looked for a video multiple times and no dice. Your pictures and discription are so clear that a video isn’t necessary. Thank you thank you!

  45. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I was about to go crazy over this. I have a free motion quilting class tomorrow morning, and I thought this foot was going to be as easy as the other to install. You just saved me a headache and some embarassing moment! :)

  46. I come back to your site EVERY TIME I want to FMQ. The manual is useless, but you have saved me…thank you!

  47. Thanks so much for this information! Why on earth it is not in the manual, I’ll never know!
    Love your page title, by the way!

  48. Thank you this really helping me. , I have a very hard time to do this step with no info in the manual ,including the needle of my sewing machine get under my finger..very painful!!!!

  49. THANK YOU! I’m taking a free motion class this week and would have been COMPLETELY in the dark without your tutorial : ) xo

  50. Great info! Can you tell me the part # for the free motion foot? I need to get one for my Ambition Essential. Thanks for any help that you can give me!

    1. Hi! All the feet have letters that correspond to the machines they work with- all the Ambition models use the feet that have the letter “K”. If you do some research, you’ll be able to easily find the feet that work with your machine. I hope that helps!!

      1. Thank you very much,,,I had put it in once before,,,but I was having a total brain fart,,,,,Thank you!

    2. I’m pretty sure I have the Ambition Essential. I got my free motion foot from the Pfaff store where I bought my machine. I don’t have a package it came in, unfortunately.

  51. I just want to thank you for the perfect guidance you give for attaching the free motion foot to the machine! So easy to follow your instructions. Now all I have to do is learn to accomplish free motion quilting – here goes!! thank you again.

  52. This is a super guide thank you. Do you need to change the top tension? Other tutorials I’ve seen for other machines require this. I’m very new to all this !

  53. I followed, I cursed, BUT I did eventually get it and I have to say yours were the best tips I got and oh yes my class starts at 9am tomz so extra special thank you.

  54. What a life saver and temper saver you are!!!! THANKS Your instructions and pictures were so helpful and easy to understand.

  55. Bless you!!!! I am at a quilt retreat & really would like to finish my first project here. I will be able to do so now!!

  56. Oh gosh, here we are In 2019 and I had to google how to attach my freemotion Pfaff foot. Many thanks as even now there are no instructions with the machine or the attachment. You certain,y have saved my wasting my t8me try8ng to figure it out.

  57. Can you tell me if this is the foot for ambition 1.5 l have received one that l sent for online it does not fit on my machine l Think they have sent me the wrong one… it does not have the grey
    plastic piece on the one l have but l wondered did you have a different machine’s so confusing

    1. Yes all the ambitions should have the same foot. This is a few years old, so I’m wondering if they changed the model? The package should say which machines the foot fits on to. I tho k the ambitions are the “K” category

  58. Thank you much for replying l ordered the one with the plastic piece on (one day delivery)very impatient so received today,it my quilting class today and Malvern tomorrow will try tomorrow night with this by the side of me once again thank you so much joyce

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    The issue is something too few folks are speaking intelligently
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