New raglan shirts for the kiddos


I just made a couple raglan shirts from Oliver + S, if you haven’t used any of the patterns from this company, you are SERIOUSLY missing out!! The instructions on the patterns are fantastic, I own almost all of them. They are all adorable and even the more difficult patterns are explained so well, I’ve learned a lot of techniques from using these patterns :)



I whipped these up on my serger extremely fast, they are super fun and easy to put together. Seriously. Like 15 minutes fast.  The thing that took the longest was the hemming part (I used a double needle), which you really don’t have to do if you want to be super lazy since knit doesn’t fray. I wasn’t supposed to do any sewing because of the millions of other things that I had to do, but I just can’t stay away from the sewing area of my house for too long, and I don’t feel the least bit guilty!



Gosh, I love these little monkeys!

I used knit fabric from Joanne’s (which I don’t recommend for pants or for shirts for adults, wayyy too stretchy with wear, it gets huge) and the brown sleeves were cut from one of Jake’s old shirts. Hooray for decluttering his t-shirt drawers!!

*Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with Oliver S, I just plain love them.

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