Free motion foot and quilted potholder


I finally got my free motion foot in the mail yesterday! I was so excited to use it but couldn’t last night, so I woke up REALLY early this morning (5am yikes) and while everyone was sleeping tried to figure it out :)

It was pretty rough at first, there are ZERO information websites out there about how to put the damn thing on, and in my sewing machine manual just says “attach free motion foot”  ummm yeah.

But I finally figured it out! And I made a cute little potholder with it out of the leftover curved squares from Millie’s quilt and some left over insul bright that I had from making my mom an oven mitt a couple Christmas’s ago.

This isn’t much of a tutorial, but I thought I would walk through how I made the little potholder :) And I know the pics aren’t fantastic, these are 5am phone pics! No daylight yet and too much lazy happening to get a real camera!


First I took 2 squares of fabric (the leftover quilt squares) and then cut 2 squares of insul bright, roughly the same size. I used 2 because I remember the oven mitt I made didn’t actually protect my hands from the heat that well..


I made a nice little sandwich, right sides facing out with the insul bright sandwiched in between.


Then I got on my busy little way of making free motion swirlies! FUN!!


After I was done, I trimmed off the excess bits of insul bright hanging off and tried to square it up again.

photo(65)    photo(54)

I think I made MILES of bias tape since I wanted to use the same fabric that I will bind Millie’s quilt with. It is amazing how much bias tape you can get from 1 yard of fabric, by the way.


Then I sewed it on using the same technique you would if quilting. This is where this isn’t much of a tutorial, It was my first time ever doing mitered corners so I didn’t think I should be doing the educating since I was just learning, myself!

I flipped the tape over and machine stitched it (in the ditch) to bind it up.


And there’s my little potholder! Very far from being perfect!! Not even totally square, lol.

If this mini project taught me anything, it is that I need a LOT more practice on small things before I attempt this on that quilt!!

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