The Stargazer Dress

I’ve been thinking of this idea for a really long time now and finally got the push to try it today (and the time, thanks to my awesome husband who watched both kids for almost 3 hours while I got some sewing in!) I am fully aware of how lucky I am that I have an artistic husband who understands that it is important to let loose your creative outlets :)



Millie was NOT cooperating with me during this little photo shoot, which I guess is okay since the focus is the back of the dress!



I am super excited with the way it came out! I really wasn’t sure what to expect. It was totally self drafted. Millie had picked out the fabrics, the top is sparkly if you can’t tell. I don’t know who likes polka dots more, her or me! And I can’t stop tickling her in the little star window, I love me some baby backs!

I took pictures along the way so there will be a tutorial. But I really want to make it a good one. A friend of mine (hi, Jen!) gave me some really great blogging advice, pointing out that my crazy super easy rocker tee was not actually crazy easy at all to someone who doesn’t have much sewing experience. So from now on I’m going to try and go into way more detail :)


I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!

2 thoughts on “The Stargazer Dress

  1. I love this, very cute and can’t wait for the tutorial. I try and do tutorials on my blog too but I find it so hard to explain things sometimes especially as I make it up as I go along, but unlike you I have very little sewing experience. Love reading your blog xxx

    1. Thank you so much :) it really can be hard to explain things and extremely hard to take pictures at an angle that show what you’re doing, as I’m learning! But I always appreciate them :) I figure if you can learn just a little thing from a tutorial, even if it isn’t how to make that particular thing, then you’re good:) and you’ve made some cute things for having “very little experience”!

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