Polka dots dress with kitty pockets (and a pattern review)


I finished my little dress project I was working on!! :)

It is a pattern from Kikoi Patterns that I got for free during a give away a couple weeks ago. I had been really excited to get it done since it is so flippin’ adorable.


There are no size measurements in the pattern so I went with a 5 but I could have gone with a 4. It is a little big, but it looks very cozy that way!


The pattern called for buttons down the front and ruffles on the sides of them, but I decided to just gather a ruffle and put it in the middle, excluding the buttons and extra ruffles. I thought it would look cute and I wanted to showcase the lacy trim I used on the sides. Plus truthfully, the way those side ruffles were put on were a bit confusing in the instructions, even with pictures.


I love the kitty pockets!!! SO cute! Millie was also very excited about them. “I have kitty pockets?! I can put toys in them!!” Of course now that I’m posting pictures I realize I forgot the whiskers when I was doing the hand embroidery, oops! I guess that’s what happens when you sew at 7am before the kiddos wake up.. I thought they were missing something!


Of course Millie got her crayons and colored in the white noses of the kitties before I could do the photo shoot, lol

I think the pleats in the skirt are cute (and I realize I put them in backwards) but I think if I make this again I’ll just gather the skirt and then attach it to the bodice.

IMG_2392         IMG_2394

All in all the little details on this dress are adorable and the pattern is all pictures, which is nice. I’ve looked around her shop and she has some other cute (and affordable) things as well.

  IMG_2395         IMG_2386

Hooray for new dresses!

*Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Kikoi Patterns, I just thought the dress was cute and wanted to write my fair review after making the dress.

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