One of those days


Ever have one of those days when just NOTHING works in your favor? Today was one of those days! I try to get some sewing in every day. There really wasn’t much time for it today. Even with Millie in school, Quinn is teething and was just not giving me any free mommy time, naps lasted about as long as it took me to walk away from him just to sit in the sewing chair… only for me to get up again to take care of him.

When I finally got a free moment I started a new little dress project for Millie that I have been excited about for a couple weeks. I must have had to rip this one seam like 5 times, for some reason it just wasn’t sewing properly! And let me tell you, ripping seams on knit fabric is SO annoying! I tried fixing the bobbin, I tried changing the needle, I tried sewing on different fabric, UGH I couldn’t figure it out! Then it occurred to me that maybe it was SO simple and that maybe I didn’t thread the top part properly.. DUH! That fixed it but then there was no more time for me to sew.. oh well! Maybe I can try again tomorrow with a fresh day and a fresh clean slate.

And maybe I should learn that some days just weren’t meant for sewing!

6 thoughts on “One of those days

  1. Yep… I do film photography and I had a day when nothing in the dark room was coming out right, I spent 3 hours trying and nothing. I sad ” IT!” and went home. The next day everything dropped into place like it should have. Someday’s it just doesn’t work out.

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