The crazy super ridiculously easy rocker tee tutorial

I don’t know about anyone else, but I am constantly annoyed at the millions of tee shirts always exploding out of my husband’s drawers. He just has SO MANY and then is constantly out buying even more without actually getting rid of any of the shirts he doesn’t actually ever wear. So I decided to do something about it! Millie has about a million dresses but not many shirts :) This shirt tutorial is SO crazy easy and SO crazy fast you wont even believe it! There is just a back and a front piece (which are the same!), no extra sleeves to put in :)

What you need:

  • an old tee
  • a shirt that fits your child
  • freezer paper
  • rotary cutter/ mat
  • sewing machine or serger
  • ball point needle
  • usual sewing notions

First get yourself some paper to trace (I use the super cheap store brand freezer paper at my grocery store) and a shirt that fits your kid. Turn the shirt inside out and fold it in half. trace the shirt but ignore the sleeves. You’ll want to make a curved line under the armpit and decide how long or short you want to make your sleeve.


Add seam allowances to the shoulder and the sides. Then cut out your pattern :)


Next take the tee shirt you want to transform. Iron it nice and flat, fold it in half and put the pattern piece on the fold. Cut it out, you will have 2 identical pieces of fabric.


Put them right sides together and pin the shoulders. I used my serger so I placed my pins far away from where the knife would be just in case I space out and forget to remove them as I go. Of course you can use a sewing machine too, just use the zigzag stitch and a ball point needle.


Sew the shoulders.


Pin the sides and sew them up, sewing around the underarm curve.


If you used your serger, the best way I’ve found to finish the seams is to take and upholstery needle and thread the tails through about in inch or an inch and a half of the serged seam, like this:

photo(49)  photo(41)

TADA you’re done! How stinkin’ easy and fast was that?? I think it took me less than 30 minutes, even stopping to take pictures! No need to hem or finish the sleeves or neckline because it is a rocker tee, which should seem deconstructed and how glorious knits don’t fray!

Here is Millie modeling her new shirt (but mostly jumping on the bed)




And it is perfect for head stands!


She asked me if she could wear her new shirt all day, that equals sewing success in my book!

I can’t end this post without showing a pic of my little sewing buddy who let me do all this while he sat patiently in the Ergo carrier, thank goodness for these things or I would get nothing done!


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