Sew Sweet

So usually to get some sewing time in, I have to let Millie do something next to me. Usually it is sticking pins in scrap fabric, or most recently an obsession with cutting bits of scrap fabric on the floor while I toil away at the sewing machine.

Today she wanted to learn how to hand sew with a thread and needle  :)

I got her set up with an upholstery needle (bigger and more dull than regular sewing needles) and purple thread (her favorite color) and let her go to town.

She started practicing with scrappy fabric and was so into it! She was so sweet and serious about it!

serious practice

After a while she declared she wanted to sew a purse for daddy (lol) with her beloved bandana. This bandana has been used for multiple role-playing situations, tied on her head like a babooshka, tied around her neck like “super king” etc, she LOVES it so you know it was a big deal to make a purse with it!


Again, SO serious about her project! <3

When she was done, she was SOO proud of it! she even made me sew a button on it for her. In reality it was really just a mushed up bandana with thread running through it but it made me so happy to see her be SO into my hobby :) At just 3 years old I am a proud mommy!

so proud of her "purse"!

I hope she keeps this interest for sewing, I can’t wait to teach her how to sew on a machine and do real projects together, I think it will be really awesome bonding for us. I have visions and dreams of buying her a small sewing machine and making things together. I feel the time is coming soon!!

… And just maaayyybeee Quinn will be into it too at some point, but for now, this is how he feels about the whole thing:


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  1. Good for Millie! I started early too – taught by my tailoress grandmother and my dress makimg mother. I have always been grateful to them both for giving me such an incredibly useful and money saving skill. I expect in years to come when Millie is an adult she will be just as grateful to you.

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