A lesson learned in bias tape making

If you don’t cut it perfectly in the bias, it comes out ridiculous looking and unwearable! OOPS!

photo(8)<–please pay no attention to the spit up stains on the couch


Sorry for making you look like you have on a mini turtleneck, Quinn!


Looks like there isn’t much you can just “eyeball” in sewing. Lesson learned! :/

3 thoughts on “A lesson learned in bias tape making

  1. well – you could start a new trend in baby wear and call it tiny turtles or something. :lol: I actually thought is was kinda cute, and did look like it was intended to be a mock turtleneck.

  2. hey, I made your Halloween costumes saying lie on this and I cut around you!!
    I think they turned out pretty cute I made it all up myself homemade pompom buttons too!!!
    the hats did not survive the years tho

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