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Okay, I know there are a few good tutorials on the web about drunkard’s path, but I decided that after piecing together about 40 blocks so far, I’ve come up with a pretty good method I’d like to share. Keep in mind this is only my second quilt ever so there is no reason to fear curved piecing!

I should probably first talk about how I made the templates..

I didn’t want to be confined to one size forever so instead of buying pre made templates, i bought a circle ruler so I could make my own size. I decided I wanted the full circle block to measure 12 inches so I drew out a 6 inch quarter circle and added seam allowances. I cut the templates out of cardboard (cereal boxes) and got to work on cutting out the fabric.


I’ve read that you should use the smallest rotary cutter, but I got along just fine with my 45mm. I layered the fabric so I could cut 4 at a time.


Boom! you will end up with stacks of fabric cut out perfectly! I actually split it up because I hate repetition (why am I into quilting again?!)

Now with the piecing:

You should fold the pieces in half and finger press to find the center. To make it easier, I would fold one side right ides together and the other piece wrong sides together so the finger presses can sit nicely, right sides together. Pin there.


I only use 2 pins for this, so I take the second pin and attach the short side of the concave piece to the straight side of the clamshell piece on the side you would end your sewing on. You’ll have to work the fabric to do this.


Instead of pinning the top part, I just put the pieces together and put them right under my sewing foot. I like to sew with the bigger concave piece on top. I’ve read a lot of other people do it the other way, but I just found I have way more control over the fabric not bunching up as I’m easing it in this way.


Sew a few (3-4) stitches down then then take the bottom (clamshell piece) and straighten it out, then take the top piece and maneuver it to lay with the bottom.


Keep your fingers on it and sew slowly up to the middle pin, making sure you are keeping the pieces together and sewing on the curve (don’t try to straighten the fabric, just ease it down the curve)

When you get to the pin, remove it and then do the same thing you did at the beginning, following the curve of the clamshell.


When you get to the bottom, remove the pin and hold it with your fingers to finish off the stitches and keep the fabrics closely together.

photo (2)

Then press! Beautiful little curved block! Only about 90 more to go!! LOL!


Can’t wait until I finish all these! I’ll post about it again when I start putting them all together and figuring out what design layout to useĀ  :)


Sweet boy slept in until almost 11am today! What a glorious morning!

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