Banyan Pants to Melt For

I can’t even with these pants.


The pattern is the Banyan Pants by Figgys. I’ve had this pattern in my stash FOREVER and I can’t even believe I’ve only now sewn it up. I guess it is because I was a little afraid of sewing pants, but now I’m on a total pant kick! It has these wonderful pleats in the front, which make me think of those hilarious pants of my childhood, the Z Cavariccis! I was a tad too young to actually own a pair, but my sister had some and she was basically my idol, so these pants are kind of iconic for me lol.

                 ahhh late 80’s early 90’s, why are you so good to me?

 This amazing fabric was procured at Bunny’s Designs during the Austin fabric shop hop. This store is uh-mazing! So many Japanese fabrics! I can’t help but to go crazy when I’m in there! When I saw this particular stuff, these Banyan pants for Quinn were EXACTLY what came to mind, so I had to snatch some up. The animals. SO CUTE. I’m sorry, I actually cut out the selvage to save it and write down what it was here, but that scrap has gone missing. I even dug through the garbage. Not there. I’m going to blame this on the kiddos running amok here. 


I’ll admit, I kind of screwed up while doing the fly. But I also didn’t really care to unpick and start again. Can you see there has been a theme in my sewing lately? My goal is to sew, NOT to sew perfectly, ha! So now there is an exposed zip fly. Which totally is okay because now you can see the adorable teal zipper I used! It was a design flaw that works for me :D I top stitched using some thread that almost matches the zipper perfectly for fun. Also, woah, looking at these pics makes the waistband look curly and weird too.. I think it is that way because I sewed up the size 2/3, thinking this kid will be 2 in just a few months and I wanted him to be able to wear them next winter too. HOLY MOLY they are so big on him, HA!!! There are about 5 inches of room to grow in the legs and the waist is super big too. Good thing I added a little modification to the pattern!


It didn’t call for it, but I decided to add some buttons and button holed elastic (I just cut holes into some regular stuff I already had) to the back of the waist so I could cinch it up to fit him for a long time, letting it out as he grows. A super simple pant hack. OH and check out that awesome button I had, another from my antique button haul I got at Uncommon Objects.


Check that out. Already stained. LOL! Jake even said to me as I was making these “REALLY? White pants for Quinn?? Those will get messed up fast!” Looks like he was correct. I probably should have taken pics BEFORE I let him wear these all day. I’m pretty sure pizza sauce got on his tush .5 seconds after I put these on him. OH well. There are nice little cuffs on the pattern that you can’t see right now while Quinn is wearing them because I have to roll them up a crazy bunch for him not to trip over himself. Maybe by next year he’ll be able to wear these unrolled and we can actually see the cute design element.


I realize these pants are SUPER busy, I need to make Quinn some simple shirts now! It was actually hard to find a shirt to wear with them that didn’t look RIDICULOUS. Why, oh why do I love patterned fabric so much? Plain can just be SO BORING though!


There really isn’t much to say about the construction of these pants, they are pretty straight forward and simple to make. Even the zipper was a pretty cool way of doing it, but a word to the wise, learn from me: read all the directions BEFORE you start sewing ;)

banyan pants

Quinn is turing into a hilarious little model, it used to be hard (and fun) to take little action shots of him running around in the clothes I make, just capturing what he is doing in life.. Now he just stops and stands in front of the camera saying “CHEESE! CHEESE! CHEESE! CHEESE!” I have NO idea where he learned that, I’m sure I’ve never said “Say cheese!” Crazy! What a little nut ball <3

Perfecting the Fit of my Burda Bib Dress

Burda 120 DressThere is something totally satisfying about perfecting patterns! I sewed up this dress last year (almost exactly a year ago!), and while I totally loved it, there is no question that it is way too big on me. The front of the old one is very immodest (and I’m not the most modest girl) and there is a lot of gaped space by the arm pits. Before wearing it to a wedding, I sewed up over and inch on both side seams and the darn thing was STILL too big. The pattern is Burda Bib Dress 04/2014 #120.

Burda 120 Dress

I bought this AMAZING african-esque fabric in NY last year, and this dress was absolutely what I wanted to make with it. I don’t know why it took so long to actually sew it! Do you see the zebras? ZEBRAS!!! It is a very light and thin cotton, possibly lawn? $5 a yard, woop woop!!

Burda 120 Dress

When I finally sat down to figure out how to fix this, I knew I had no real idea of what to do, so I just winged it (my usual method of madness). I put on the too huge dress and just stood in front of the mirror, pinching out the excess fabric where I would want to modify the dress. It was very unscientific and unprofessional. Remember, I am a totally self taught sewer and have never actually taken any fitting (or sewing for that matter) class. I pinched out stuff and measured about how much, then just cut it off the pattern, redrawing lines and connecting them where I thought they should go. I drew a slightly higher neckline so my ladies could be covered more properly so my bra wouldn’t always be hanging out the front. Turns out my method worked just great for me! This thing is almost perfect!!

Burda 120 Dress

I probably should have taken more time to iron this before the little photo shoot.. and also probably should have made sure the bow was tied more centered! To my defense, I finally had a willing photographer and we were loosing light fast! There are a few little wrinkles around the princess seam, but I think that had to to with the thin fabric getting easily stretched when sewing the curve. They press out if I try hard enough, but honestly I don’t care THAT much.. The only thing I might change is to lengthen the bodice very slightly, probably only about a centimeter. I’m SUPER happy with how this dress came out!! It is oh so comfortable and super nice for the spring :) The only thing I’m not in love with is just how fiddly turing the super tiny loops of fabric to hold the buttons is, but I really like the look so I don’t care. I remember it being much easier when I was working with voile, so maybe the fact that this wasn’t as slippy is what made it more annoying. I got it in the end though and that is what matters :) It was hard to find 8 matching buttons in my stash that worked, but I was happy to use these silver ones.. I was afraid they would be too much, but I really like how they make the dress pop a little more.

Burda 120 Dress

Speaking of stash, I’m slowly working through mine and it feels SO GOOD to see fabric as a garment instead of folded on my shelf!!

Amelia Dress

   So, again, I was the target for marketing and marketing won. I got an email from Craftsy a while back with super sales on their “sewing kits”, where they send you a pattern PLUS the fabric, which is actually pretty cool. I had been eyeing the cotton and steel arrow print for a while now, and when I saw it paired up with the Amelia Dress by Green Bee, I thought the dress was pretty cute so I pulled the trigger and bought it. I figured for $30, getting 3 yards of fabric plus the pattern was a no brainer (at over $10 a yard, it would have been more than $30 for the fabric alone at a local shop).

amelia dress

My measurements put me at a straight L, so that is the size I cut out. I usually use my upper bust measurement and do an FBA, but this time I decided to just take my actual bust measurement since the style seemed to be a bit looser, anyways. I figured it didn’t have to fit PERFECTLY because of the loose style. I made a quick muslin of the bodice and everything seemed to be just fine as is, so I cut into the arrows without making any pattern adjustments.

amelia dress

The construction is pretty easy and straightforward on this dress. Very simple. I decidedly don’t like little facings, but I just tacked those puppies down so it was no big deal. One thing I changed was the pockets.. The ones on this pattern are so small I don’t even see a point, so I used the pockets from another dress I have instead to make them useable. All in all, this dress could totally be sewn if you are a total garment sewer beginner. Of course, I made it harder than it had to be..

amelia dress

I really want to perfect my invisible zipper skills, so I hand basted the zip to the dress before sewing it. Everything looked totally awesome when I was done and I was excited to try it on. Only problem was, when I wore it, the zipper bellowed out from my body, making the dress look SUPER weird. The back was way big on me and I guess the weight of the zipper vs the fabric made it bow and there wasn’t much I could do about it without seriously altering the fit of the back, which I really wasn’t in the mood to do. But then I realized, since it WAS a bit too big, I could just slip it over my head without unzipping it anways, so I picked all the stitches out of the zipper and took that sucker out, just sewing the back shut without any closures. Awesome! woohoo!! Easy on, easy off!!

amelia dress

I figured since I already had my needle and thread out, I might as well hand sew the hem instead of using my go-to machine blind hem. Actually, it was because I made the hem a bit small and I was having a hard time doing the blind hem with machine, and I figured even though hand sewing would take more time, it would end up being less annoying. It was kind of nice, I sewed it up while Quinn was on Jake’s lap (!!not mine!!) watching the superbowl. Okay, he was on my lap for a while as I hand sewed too.. I can’t even believe I was able to pull THAT off..

amelia dress

Honestly? It isn’t the best dress in the world. The fit isn’t perfect and the quilting weight cotton isn’t the most comfortable thing I’ve ever put on my body. The front fits fine, but the back is weird… Good thing I don’t see that! The sleeves are a bit tight when I try to twist my arms around.. for instance, reaching behind me to hold Quinn’s hand as he is crying in the car makes me feel like the fabric is going to bruise my upper arm.. Not much give there. It wouldn’t be a problem if the sleeves were shorter or if there was a vent there. As I’ve worn the dress, it seems to be better. I think the fact that the fabric is cut on the bias makes things a bit nicer. I think over time gravity is pulling down on it and making things fit better. It isn’t my favorite dress in the world, but I know I’m going to wear the hell out of this come spring so it was all worth it :)


Sorry, I know I usually link things but for some reason WordPress is making that impossible to do easily and I’m too lazy to html that shizznit out today. *shrug*

I Made Me Some Jamie Jeans!


I had been spying this pattern for AGES but couldn’t justify paying the 19 euros for it. When I saw it for crazy sale over the holidays I just had to nab it. It is the Jamie Jeans pattern from Named clothing.

Jamie Jeans

I got crazy and decided to not do a muslin first. I WAS going to, but I didn’t have quite enough fabric of the crap stuff so I just threw my cares in the wind and went for it on my special fabric. I bought this super awesome 4 way stretch stuff back when I was trying to make those awful Clover pants, which never panned out. I’m not sure exactly what these are made of, but I got about a yard and a half at a small apparel fabric shop here in Austin that I had never heard of and haven’t gone back to. Truth is, it was awesome but in the middle of nowhere and I forget where it was and also the name.. oops. I’m sure if I do enough research I’ll find it again. I think I paid like $30 for the yard and a half, which was totally like “OUCH” for me to pay that.. Like a ding a ling I didn’t ask how much it was until I paid. So THANK GOD these things turned out alright!!! Because while it seems a shock to pay that for a small bit of fabric, $30 is pretty dang cheep for pants!

Jamie Jeans

I’m aware the fit of these aren’t *perfect* but they are pretty darn great for not having altered a THING on the pattern. I’m sure the stretchiness of the fabric forgives a lot of faults. Sewing these up was a total breeze- until the damn waistband. I fiddled with the dang thing forever. I probably could have figured it out a bit sooner, but both kids were all over me so one task ended up spanning several days, which was SUPER frustrating. I understand that there is SOME ease to consider when attaching the band, but there was like FOUR INCHES to have to stretch that sucker. And when I was trying to stretch it, the interfacing kept ripping, causing me to curse everything in sight. For real though, it was making me feel like I was doing something wrong. I think I DID do a tiny something, which was make the fly shield a tad too big since it was my first one ever and all, but that would have only given me an extra 1/4 inch, not really enough to create the problem I was having.

Jamie Jeans

I searched all over the blogosphere for someone who maybe had the same issue, but it seems most blogs just rave about patterns without saying much negative. I did find someone who helped me out a bit, she also had an issue with the waistband. (Thank you, Elizabeth!!!!) She suggested the same thing I was thinking, to just take out the god forsaken interfacing. I just put some where I was going to make the buttonhole and sew on the button to give those bits some reinforcement. Then I stretched the dickens out of it and fit it onto the pants, crossing my fingers that it wouldn’t look ridiculous in the end. There is a little puckering, but you can’t see it when I’m wearing them because it all stretches out :)

Jamie Jeans

I’m mostly pretty stoked about all my top stitching, except for at the fly. The stretchiness of the fabric + the craziness of my kids + my lack of patience and care to rip it out and do it all again caused the front to be a tiny wonky. Whatever, no one should be looking that closely to my crotch ;) I used a grey thread, but it looks white in these photos.. One of my most favorite parts of these pants are those little pocket accent things! I used some scraps from the Van Gogh print I used on the back of that triangle quilt. I love the tiny pop of color!! And that button was this awesome ornate thing that I got from a big lot of antique buttons at Uncommon Objects here in Austin. Unfortunately, the details didn’t show up in the photo. Oh well.

Jamie Jeans

I would like to try these again, this time with an actual stretch denim :) Of course I’ll have to probably alter the pattern for those, without that stretch, the crotch will have to be dealt with and also the baggy knee thing that is going on (which, as I’ve noticed, happens with all my pants, so I’m not sure that is  real issue..) I’ll also have to figure out that waistband thing since honestly there is NO FREAKING WAY I’ll be able to stretch anything denim-like that much. All in all, I’m totally psyched about my first pair of wearable pants!!!!

Jamie Jeans

I don’t know about anyone else, but I am OVER the winter (maybe it is the gorgeous weekend we’ve been having) and I am totally ready to start sewing some spring dresses!! I already have one laid out, half sewn and another on the burner :D

The Mara Redux

Mara Dress

     I sewed up this little Mara Dress either in November or early December (I can’t remember exactly when) but I’m only getting around to blogging about it now. More blogging in 2015! I’m trying, see?? Anyways, I know, I know! I’ve been sewing a bunch of Compagnie M lately! What can I say? I like em!

Mara Dress

ANyways, Marte is working on making some of her patterns on paper and wanted to perfect the pattern before they went into print so she asked me to test out the new draft :) There was just some slight alteration to the arm holes.

Mara Dress

This time I decided to sew the “long sleeve” version, only I made them short sleeves (ha) due to lack of fabric, honestly! But also I wanted to make sure we could wear this dress all year round and long sleeves don’t exactly work in summer in Texas!

Mara Dress

I had some lovely Nani Iro double gauze fabric that I had gotten for 50% off (WHAAT!?) It was 7/8 of a yard in a remnant bin. HOORAY FOR ME! I had been holding on to it for quite some time waiting for something special. But when this came up I was like YES.

Mara Dress

I used some awesome pretty silver trimming around the yolk that I bought during the fabric shop hop here at a store called Walker Hall Design. 25% off that, WOO!  The buttons were pretty silver things I got for I think 75% off during the sad sad closing of A Common Thread. I bought the whole lot of them. Can you tell I’m a sale freak? haha.

Mara Dress

There isn’t much to say about this dress that I haven’t already said here . I really like it and so does Millie, which is awesome. Double gauze is CRAZY soft and comfortable. The only problem with it is that it is insanely wrinkle prone. I actually ironed this dress before the photo shoot, but you’d never know it!

Mara Dress

Of course, even though the gold doesn’t exactly match the silver, those pants are the Go To leggings I sewed up here. I still want some for myself!

Mara Dress

I know I said I finished those Jamie Jeans last weekend and that I would blog about them, but I asked Millie to be my photographer earlier this week and the pictures are BAD. Ha! Either she is no photographer or I am no model but holy moly! Those photos should not see the light of day haha. Maybe I can get Jake to get some decent ones this weekend. We shall see!

January Block of the Month and Some Peace and Quiet


MAN it feels good to do some simple quilty sewing! It had been way too long! I finished my first block for the Block of the Month I joined this morning and it was so satisfying!


I’ve seriously needed some time for myself lately, Quinn must be getting his molars in because he hasn’t been able to be apart from me in ages and I’ve desperately needed some alone time. Seriously, the kid won’t even let me shower alone. So this weekend has been AMAZING to me with Jake being home. He let me finish those Jamie Jeans yesterday AND I had this morning to make this little block. It only took me about an hour but that is all I really needed, I guess. And right now for the first time in over a week Quinn is actually asleep WITHOUT the need to be on top of me!! FREEDOM!!!! I love that kid but WHOA. Momma needs to regroup sometimes! So let’s all send a silent (seriously, SHHH! Please don’t wake him up) thank you to my sleepy little man for giving me what I have been so desperately needing :D


2014, 2015 Awesomeness

Well hello, 2015!

I had made some New Years resolutions, one of which was to blog more.. Apparently I’m totally slacking ALREADY since it is the 10th of January and this is only my first post of the year.. OOPS.

Things have been crazy here lately! I know I haven’t posted a single thing since the beginning of the holidays, life gets a little hectic around the holidays :) We had my family come stay with us for over 2 weeks, that made it 8 people living under one roof! I know it sounds insane, but it was really fun and I was very sad when they all went home. Seriously, they second they walked out the door it was SO QUIET. And it has taken me over a week to clean up the house in the aftermath! I’ll be honest, it still isn’t clean. HA!

Anyways, even though I haven’t posted anything, I did do a lot of gift sewing! Unfortunately I took zero photos!! What is wrong with me??? I think I was trying to “live in the moment” more recently…  I’ll list them off here though :)

I made Millie’s school teachers little make up bags and stuffed them with nice hand lotion and lip balms since skins get dry in the winter. No pics. I thought about taking photos, but it just didn’t end up happening. They looked real nice, I promise! And sewing them up made me remember how I actually do enjoy sewing little bags, they are super fast and rewarding projects  :)

I sewed up some cute unicorn head bands out of felt for Millie and my niece Evie. I had made one for Millie, then Evie went to see Santa and apparently the only thing she told him that she wanted was a unicorn head band (I was planning on making one for her anyway) so Christmas morning I whipped one up in a flash so she could have one too :) There is ONE picture of this, ha! No details, of course. These were fast and dirty, my friends.

unicorn headbands

I made my dad a rice neck warmer for his birthday, I used a really soft flannel and put some lavender essential oils in it so it would be relaxing. I made a nice U shape that curved a bit inward at the ends so it would fit a neck neatly and comfortably.  My mother swiftly stole it, hahaha, even yesterday she said she’s been using it every day. Poor dad! Looks like I’ll be making another one and sending it in the mail!

My friend Jen (HI, JEN!) told me “So last year, you made me an awesome infinity scarf. You better step it up this year” LOL I find it hilarious how awesomely direct she is. Anyways, the Julia sweater is right up her ally so I made her one. She promised me she would model it for the blog which means there WILL be some photos in the future of that one :) The fabric I found was SO JEN I just couldn’t handle it :)

Last, but not least, I made an awesome shirt for Jake. He also took the direct approach. “Hey since I fund your sewing addiction, maybe you could make something for me one day”.. Oops! It took a lot of time and effort for this one and I’m pretty proud of it!! It is always hard for him to find collared shirts that fit him properly since he has a broad chest, so things are often either tight there or they fit his chest and bellow out too much around his waist. He was super happy to finally have a shirt tailored exactly for his body :) I will force him to model this for me too. Maybe this weekend :)

There are lots of sewing related things I’m excited for! I’m currently sewing up some Jaime Jeans from Named, which honestly are destroying me.. I hope to finish them up this weekend.. The waistband will be the death of me. But I am in desperate need for new pants so I’m excited about finishing them and hopefully they will be wearable!

I joined my local quilt shop’s Block of the Month thingy, which I’m super excited about. Honestly, after the annoyance of this waistband issue I’m having, I’m excited to just sew a few straight lines for quilt piecing! Plus I’ve never done a BOM before and I’m excited to learn some new blocks!

This Christmas also made us realize we are ONE blanket short in this family, which means to me that it is time to make a quilt again!! So when Jake asked me last year “How many blankets do we need, Michelle?” Well apparently the answer is ONE MORE!! haha!

HOLY MOLY there is SO MUCH to say!!!

There is also something SUPER EXCITING that I got for Christmas that I want to talk all about that that will be saved for another post because there are SO MANY details of crazy!

Okay this was very wordy and not so picturey so I’m gonna sign off and make some breakfast.. It does feel good to blog! I need to get my arse in gear! More details of all these things and more to come :D

Julia Sweater Happies!

Julia Sweater

Heyoo! I’m super excited to be on the Compagnie M Julia Sweater pattern tour! I was SOOO excited when Marte asked me to test this pattern, I actually recently bought a dolman type shirt and LOVE it and was wanting to sew some up for myself. Then BOOM here is this awesome pattern, just dropped into my lap!

Julia Sweater

I sewed up two shirts in the testing phase, both of which I’m pretty excited about  :) The first one I made, I used a nice grey knit I had and wanted to accent it with some amazing stuff I had leftover from another project. (soon to be blogged) I decided to do a faux placket.. Which is offered in the pattern, but of course I deviated and did my own thing because I’m an idiot? lol.. Anyways, it was really easy, I just cut two strips about and inch and half tall and as long as the sleeve tops. I simply cut down the grey part to account for the added fabric in the placket (minus the seam allowance) so I could keep the original sleeve width. Super easy :) I LOVE the look of those stripes down my arms!!

Julia Sweater

The only problem with the first sweater is that the waist band is a bit too tight, but that was fixed during the pattern testing. I think all the testers felt the waistband needed to have a bit more give ;) It isn’t so tight that it keeps me from wearing it, though! Because of that (and because I’m excited about cozy shirts) I decided to sew up another one for fun. I have 7 yards of this blue stripy fabric that I got in NYC.. I think I may have been swindled (they wouldn’t tell me the price until I spoke with the owner, who was like “OH that is very nice fabric, $24 a yard, but I’ll give it to you for $10 a yard if you buy the whole rest of it” I talked him down to $8 and walked off with a huge heavy load of this stuff. Who knows, maybe it really was $8 a yard and I just walked away with the whole thing for no good reason, lol!)

Julia Sweater

Anyways, I wanted to play with the stripes so I cut the front at a 45 degree angle so I could make a chevron. Instead of cutting it on the fold, I just added the seam allowance to the center front when cutting. Let me tell you, lining up tiny stripes is NOT EASY!! That is why I decided to just cut the back in one piece with the stripes horizontal, haha!

Juila Sweater

You know what I love about these sweaters? I mean OTHER than how fast they are to sew up and how awesome having cuffs and waistbands is (NO HEMS, YAY!)… They are SOOO COMFORTABLE! Something about having looseness at the armpits, I feel like if this shirt were gloves, it would be mittens… Does that make sense? Well it does to me! Also, I wore this shirt to Jake’s work Christmas party and the next day, he said “I really liked that shirt you wore last night. Did you make it? It looked great”. So basically my own husband not only noticed it but also complemented it and that is SO amazing because that man doesn’t usually talk about my clothes. Made me feel pretty darn wonderful!

Julia Sweater

Anyways, this shirt has a bunch of options too, I just made the basic one. There are ways to color block, there can be font pockets and different necklines. I think I’m going to have to sew up the pocket one at some point soon, gotta love cozy sweatshirt pockets..  Go check out the other folks on the pattern tour and see some amazingly creative versions!



Fun photo credit to my awesome mother-in-law, who actually seemed to enjoy taking photos, unlike my photographer husband (HI Jake I love you!) lol!

suck it in! suck it in!




Oops, I Did it Again

Oh, hey there! It’s been a while! These past few weeks have been pretty rough. Millie got the flu pretty bad, then Quinn got it but thankfully not as bad because we caught it in time to get some Tamiflu, thank goodness. Then this weekend I got mastitis SO EFFING BAD I couldn’t move. It was horrible. I felt like I had the worst flu I’ve ever had only I also had incredible pain to go along with it. FUN! But all of us are FINALLY feeling 100% now so YAY!

skinny jeans

I have, however, done some sewing in that time though. I need to find my sanity, somewhere, right?? These pants were sewn before all the sickies set in. I couldn’t take pictures of Millie in them because the fever brought out 3 huge cold sores on her face and she was very embarrassed by them, which made me sad, she kept telling everyone she saw- waiters, grocery check out people, that she had bad sores on her face :(

skinny jeans

Back to the pants… These are the Peek a Boo pattern shop’s skinny jeans. I’ve sewn them before and I have other pant patterns, but I really just wanted to whip out a pattern I already had traced out so I could get to the cutting and sewing part instead of the printing, cutting, taping, tracing, cutting etc that comes with PDF patterns!

skinny jeans

I went all out and did the elastic casing inside the seam this time, unlike last time.. Those first pants were way too big on her and kept falling off, oops! But the good thing is the old ones fit now! The silly part is that means I didn’t have to bother with the elastic this time!! OH WELL! Anyways, sewing this pattern again made me remember what an annoying time I had with the waistband.. I think there is just a bit too much ease.. it is kind of hard to make it fit to the pants.. Other than that, though, I do like the fit of them.

skinny jeans

I had a fun time sewing a simple little design on the back pockets. To be honest, I had a good time doing all the top stitching. I’m angry at myself because I didn’t really pay attention when I took the picture of the front detail. It totally did not come out, when the button on the front is one of my favorite things of these pants! It is an old antique gold button with red in the middle that I picked up from Uncommon Objects, here in Austin. As a matter of fact, even with the hearts on these pants, Millie wasn’t really excited about them until she saw that button! So the whole reason she is into these is completely lost in this blog post. lol!

skinny jeans

That material, by the way, was 7/8 of a yard in the remnant bin at Joanne’s. Hello 50% off! YAY! I know it looks like just polka dots, but it is actually little white hearts on a nice stretch denim. Oh, and that little sweater she is wearing is the Figgy’s Celestial Pullover I sewed up for her last year. Hooray for it still fitting!!

skinny jeansSo there we have it :) Finally a healthy family and some new pants for Millie :) After those rough sick weeks, seeing these two sweet and happy fills my little heart <3

Golden Girl

During that fabric shop hop last week, as I was about to walk out of The Cloth Pocket, I saw this ridiculously amazing golden fabric. I knew I could not leave without it.


This fabric spoke to me. It was not simply gold fabric wrapped around a bolt. Much like Michelangelo and the statue of David, this fabric was already leggings. I just had to carve them out.


Seriously, I haven’t been this excited about a sewing project in a while! I CAN’T EVEN HANDLE looking at her in these pants. I used the go to leggings pattern that I’ve been holding on to for a while now. I have NO IDEA why I haven’t sewn leggings before. They are SO fast and SO easy and SO satisfying.


I wouldn’t have styled her this way in this little outfit, but sometimes what Millie says goes in fashion and I can’t and won’t argue, as long as she is happy to oblige me in some fun pictures. Even she knew the outfit was a bit silly. “These shoes probably don’t match, right Mommy?” “Nope, not at all. You want to change them?” “Nope!!”


I made the size 5 and lengthened them to a 6. I didn’t want to deal with elastic so I just made a tighter band with the gold. When I make them again, I’m going to heighten the rise in the back. Apparently having a butt that easily pops out your pants is something that runs in our family :/


Anyways, I sewed these up SUPER fast the morning before we left to go to the Texas Renaissance Festival. Jake was like “Are you serious?? NO you cannot sew right now!” I was like “I’m almost done I swear! You will be glad I made these!!” He was both shocked at how quickly they were sewn and extremely happy to see Millie run about in these awesome pants…. Which, incidentally, really DO make you into a rock star. I mean seriously. Just LOOK at this little thing, she climbed ALL THE WAY UP to the top of the rock climbing wall, Merida princess dress, gold leggings and all :)



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