Sweet Boy Looks So Good in Flamingo!

Also I apparently have an aversion to putting pants on Quinn, sorry and you’re welcome :)

So Good in Flamingo!

I sewed this shirt up over a month ago and it has been on heavy rotation ever since. I also took these photos over a month ago. I have been VERY bad at keeping up with my blogging… What can I say? Summer is here, Millie is home from school every day and I have a hard time getting my tush in front of my computer.(and sadly, my sewing machine) Can’t say I’m not enjoying myself though!

So Good in Flamingo!

Making a very important business call, Miami Vice style

Anyways, back to the shirt.. It is another Oliver + S sketchbook shirt, sewn in the 18 month size. I shortened the sleeves again because I just think the length of the sleeves in the pattern is a little too long. I DO love this pattern though, the way you put the yolk in is AWESOME and clean. It seems a little confusing in the directions, but when you figure it out it is like YES.

So Good in Flamingo!

I bought this fabric at my local quilt shop, A Quilter’s Folly. I saw it and immediately NEEDED it. I want a dress out of it too!! But I thought it would be amazing to make a little Hawaiian shirt for my little man. I mean seriously, HOW GOOD DOES HE LOOK IN FLAMINGO?? Jake said now that he has this shirt, I have set the precedent and Quinn forever needs all Hawaiian shirts. They are amazing.

So Good in Flamingo!

I actually sewed this up in ONE DAY, which was only possible because my parents were in town and the kids were properly distracted :) I even got the hand sewn collar down… I have to say this has been the best one I’ve ever done! I guess practice makes perfect because I’ve made quite a few collared shirts and there is always a little wonkiness in the collar, but this one looks fantastic! YAY!

So Good in Flamingo!

UGH just look at this handsome kid!! Those buttons are some awesome pearly things I got in a huge lot of randoms I bought on Ebay. I’m going to have to do that again soon, I am running VERY low on buttons…. It is always nice to have some perfect buttons right on hand, no trips to Joannes!

So Good in Flamingo!

Teehee, look at those little legs! I really want to take a bite out of them. This is kids clothes week and so far, day 5, I have barely even looked at my sewing machine. And when I did, it was for me, oops!  :(  Maybe next time.. I imagine some people see the summer as a time of relaxation and delving into hobbies, but I really have just been trying to keep the kids busy without relying on too much TV time.. And the kids are super brown and blonde to prove it, ha!

Anyways, I do have a few things I’ve made and not blogged about yet.. One is SUPER exciting, I just need Jake to take some pictures for me.. Yes, it was something for ME, YAY! Stay tuned!

Mara Action!

Hey folks!! I’m happy to be over at Compagnie M today showing off my version of the adorable Mara dress! Come check it out, lots more pics and details over on her blog :D

Mara Blouse

 There is a sew-along going on over there where you can even win some prizes (fun!!). Details on that are here

AND there is an awesome discount code for 10% off if you want to purchase the pattern and participate!

The discount code is: MARA-ACTION
Check out my post here!

I Have Unearthed an Industrial Leather Juki Sewing Machine!

Honestly, I can’t even believe it. I am unsure how I lived THIS long without knowing there was an Industrial leather Juki sewing machine in my parent’s basement! It has been there for probably more than 25 years and I had absolutely NO IDEA! I just thought there was a big table covered in crap and random other more crap on top of it! (and yes, that is a velvet painting of Elvis) Apparently years ago, my parents offered to store some stuff for their friends when they downsized their house and it has been sitting there ever since. The original owner used to sew leather purses all the time.


The other night my parents and I were talking and out of no where they casually mentioned about it, I was like HOW DID YOU NOT TELL ME BEFORE?? So I ran down there to check it out. They didn’t even know what brand it was or anything. I started to remove all the random stuff that was all over the table and when I saw it I nearly jumped out of my skin!

photo (6)

I have a Juki overlocker and I LOVE it and am very aware of what great workhorse machines these are! I think I actually shrieked when I saw it, hah!

industrial juki

Unfortunately, since it has been under covers for that long, the only creatures that were able to acknowledge it’s presence were the mice and chipmunks that sometimes take up residence in that basement. So there is a bit of “bedding” and nut shells (and an old blue balloon??) at the needle plate, which I’m sure can be cleaned off pretty easily. I was just happy to not see any poop!

industrial juki

I guess I’m trying to decide if it would be worth it to actually clean it and oil it/ get it serviced by a professional and actually keep it (and ship it back to Texas). Also wondering if it is even possible to restore it. I tried moving things around and it all seemed pretty stiff, it has been in a moist basement that sometimes gets flooded and it hasn’t been touched in 25 years. Also, if I WERE to restore it, where the heck would I put it?? The thing is GIGANTIC. It is actually the entire table.

 The other fun things I found were BOXES and boxes of leather, zippers, zipper pulls, SO MANY templates for the purse designs, HUGE amounts of thread, I’m talking the biggest thread spools you ever did see!

ginormo thread spool

There were also boxes of baby tee shirts, I guess ready to embroider or applique in pinks blues and yellows. There are 2 huge bolts of black and brown velour and a huge bolt of interfacing. I also found all the specific Juki oil, which is awesome, but I have no idea WHERE on the machine  you are supposed to apply it (or if it is too late to do so).

I confiscated some of the rulers I found to bring back home with me, one was a bust dart altering ruler, the other was a smaller french curve. I just bought a big one recently, but this small one will come in handy for my kid clothes :)

I seriously have no clue how this gem was hidden for SOOO long, but as I was going down to the basement, I had a slight idea that maybe it was this HILARIOUSLY creepy light switch to get there…

creepy clown faceThis is was SO much fun finding all these serious treasures. I felt some some sort of archaeologist uncovering a special discovery, I know not everyone would get as excited as I was, but I swear my heart was aflutter the whole time! SO what should I do? Anyone have any experience with restoring old machines? Specifically Juki LU-563… What would you do?

Super Fun Fabric Tour in NYC

I know there has been some radio silence on my end lately, but that is because I’ve been visiting my family in NJ the past week. They ever so conveniently live 14 miles from NYC so therefore I HAVE to go visit there while I’m here. And this trip is no exception!

photo (3)

A few months back, someone gave me free tickets to go on a tour of the Garment District through a company called “Seek“. I had no idea what to expect, but I figured I was planning on doing some major fabric shopping anyway, so why not attend? Growing up so close to the City, I never ever took any tour of any kind. So why the heck not now that I’m no longer an East Coast resident? I tell you what, after Tuesday I am TOTALLY into taking more tours! It was SO awesome!

I had two tickets, so I took my sister Lisa with me for fun. She has an interest in sewing and plans on immersing herself fully when she finds more time. (she already has QUITE the fabric stash!) We were supposed to meet the tour guide outside of FIT (Fashion Institute of Technology) at 10am sharp.  No easy feat for two girls who share 3 kids between them, traveling from New Jersey, lol! We missed the first train we planned on taking by the skin of our teeth and thought we would be late, but thank goodness made it EXACTLY on time.

Liz was our tour guide and she was AWESOME. Super friendly and open and immediately made Lisa and me feel at ease and excited. We had one other girl on the tour with us, who came from LA and was absolutely HILARIOUS. I was so happy to have such a small group of wonderful people! And we all had the same interests so there was not much time wasted for anyone who wasn’t interested in something the other one was.

We learned a LOT about the beginnings of the garment district and how things got brought over and by whom, how it deeply affected the women’s union and labor laws, the histories of big stores like Gimble’s Macy’s and Saks, and lots of other very interesting facts. Our guide went to school at FIT and she also talked about Parson’s School of Design. It was cool for me, since I *almost* went to FIT, but decided to go to beauty school instead at that time. I am happy to have gone down the path that I did, but this also made me wish maybe I had gone to school for sewing and design too! Especially since I do hair about 2% of the time now, and sewing has become my most passionate activity :)

photo (5)

We walked all around the area and went to a few amazing fabric shops, where I totally went overboard (and then when I got home I wished I had gone even MORE overboard!). Let me tell you, going back to Austin where apparel fabric is $10-$25 a yard vs. these shops where it was more $3-$7 a yard… Well let’s just say I hope what I bought this week will last until my next trip out here!! Our last stop to shop was Mood, where everything is more like the prices I am used to, so I bought nothing because it just seemed so much more expensive than the other shops.. Well, I bought some trims and zippers, but no fabric there.

The tour was supposed to be 2 hours, but ended up being probably over 3 hours since we were all having SUCH a great time! It seemed Liz, our tour guide was having just as much fun as we were so the time just slipped away quickly!

Site logo

Anyways, I FULLY recommend doing one of these tours with Seek! I learned so much, got to see shops that I would never have known about, and just really had a fantastic time :)

By the way, these people have not asked me to endorse them in any way possible. Yes, the tour was free for me, but it wasn’t given to me by the company, it was given to me as a gift from someone else. As a matter of fact, like a ding dong, I never even told Liz I have a sewing blog. For some reason I always feel bashful about telling people about it. So my opinions are completely my own, I just wanted to shout off from the rooftops (or blog page) about what a great time we had  :) I just wish I had taken more pictures! I never ever think of taking pictures!! Oh well.

Again, With the Shameless Self Promotion!

Hey everyone!

Potato sack

It was romper week over at Sewing Mama Raeanna and now there is a linky party competition filled with adorable rompers! I added my Little Sack of Potatoes romper and it would be SUPER cool for you go to vote on it (click on the little red heart on the photo)!

There are some pretty awesome prizes for the winners and it would make me so happy!

Of course, no pressure, if you think another romper is cuter, go ahead and click on that one instead…. Just don’t tell me, LOL! There is some fierce competition, as they are all amazing!

Vote here, I’m number 19!

Potato sack


Sweet Quilt for Baby Clay

Sweet Quilt for Baby Clay

Hooray! I finished my quilt! It actually went relatively quickly, I think the fastest one I’ve made yet! And for the first time I LOVED every second I put into this one. There was not a single step that I felt like I was trudging through, even the squaring up! Which is totally crazy! I guess it really does feel good to know for SURE that I’m making it for someone else. The only other quilt I gave away (to my sister), I wasn’t sure if I was going to be selfish and keep it or not until I was almost finished..

I knew from the start that I wanted to give it to a sweet friend of mine who just had a baby. She is a kind and giving person, so I felt if anyone would appreciate the gift of a quilt (and who deserved one) it would be her. Especially since months ago we had a conversation in which she was talking about how amazed she was that anyone ever gave quilts away because of how much work they are and how special they are :)

Sweet Quilt for Baby Clay

Picking out the fabrics was kind of difficult, the typical pastel blue/ baby truck/ cheesy typical baby decor on fabrics for baby quilts is not my (or my friend’s) style, plus it was difficult to find something that wasn’t flowery or majorly girly. But then I saw this gorgeous jelly roll, which was SO perfect since the baby’s name is Clay and those oranges are exactly the color I imagine when I think of clay. The fabric roll is Sweet Serenade by Basic Grey for Moda. I went ahead and got coordinating backing and fabric for the binding in the same pattern family.

I used this tutorial for the Strip Twist. I really like all the movement in the pattern and how the diagonal squares look like they are the main blocks, giving a little illusion. And don’t you just LOVE when all the points match up? I certainly do!

Sweet Quilt for Baby Clay

I decided to just stitch in the ditch vertically, horizontally and diagonally instead of doing fun free motion because I really wanted to have lots of softness and drape since this would be a baby quilt (a REALLY big baby quilt, lol) I have found that more quilting makes a sturdier and not quite as soft finish, even though I love the look of it. I also thought that by doing it this way all the stitching wouldn’t distract from the fun pattern of the piecing itself.

Sweet Quilt for Baby Clay

OH and remember that horrible binding cutting mishap I had the other day? Well I fixed that right up and you can hardly even tell :) It actually took quite a few shots of the camera before the photo would even pick up those stitching lines!

I wish I had taken more photos, but the quilt was delivered to the little sweet baby yesterday and is much appreciated in it’s new home :)

As much as it is hard to let go of something you spent so much time and energy (and money- quilting is NOT a cheap hobby!) on, it also feels REALLY good to give it away to a sweet and thankful family!

Put a Bird on it!

This was actually the FIRST flipped raglan that I made, it just took me forever to get the camera in front of Millie while she was wearing it!

tiny box pleat raglan

Again, the pattern is the Oliver + S raglan tee. All these could easily be done with any raglan pattern, that is just the one I happen to have :)

tiny box pleat raglan

I can’t believe how hilariously perfect this photo shoot was, and I didn’t even realize it until editing the pictures! While we were at Joanne’s she REALLY wanted a bird house, so I had her pick one out with some paint. The deal ended up that she would pose for pictures as soon as she finished painting it. She then made sure that said birdhouse would be a photo prop since she was so excited about it.. HELLO, bird house? Bird shirt? Can’t be more perfect!

tiny box pleat raglan

When Jake saw her wearing a bird shirt, he of course quoted Portlandia and said “Put a bird on it, Millie”. She of course didn’t recognize the joke so she so innocently replied “But already has birds, Daddy!” Hilarious.

tiny box pleat raglan

Doing this flip was fun and easy. I wanted a little more structure than just a gather so I made little box pleats in the front neckline. I just took the front bodice pattern and laid it a few inches away from he fold in the fabric and just cut it wider than it should be. Then I eyeballed the little box pleats until they fit the width that the neck should be normally. I pressed the dickens out of them and then basted them in place before putting the rest of the pattern together.

tiny box pleat raglan

Again, since it is summer, I just shortened the sleeves. Very basic alteration there.

  tiny box pleat raglan

The bird fabric I used was leftover from my plantain tank (got it from a local shop, not sure the make) and the blue was leftover sparkly knit (Joanne’s) from the Culebra dress I made her. Woohoo, I love being able to squeeze out extra leftovers to make something else awesome!!

tiny box pleat raglan

I don’t know why I never thought to take pictures in “sport mode” on the camera before. Kids move FAST and most of my photos come out blurry. Not with this setting! I got fun shots of her jumping in the air, “fly like a bird!”

tiny box pleat raglan

My other raglan flips (so far) are here and here. I already have another sewn up waiting to be blogged :) This really is fun making lots of different things from the same pattern! I certainly have gotten my money’s worth, lol!

tiny box pleat raglan

Just a quickie..

Please don’t cut your binding when your baby is crying on your lap!!!! D:


I might start crying too!!

Getting There Fast!

I’m so excited I was able to get this quilt top together so quickly! I’m also happy to report that I didn’t lose any more sleep because of it :)

photo 2(16)

Now all I have to do is go to the store to get some backing and binding fabric and I can finish it all up!

photo 1(17)

I had originally planned on taking photos and going through the whole process, but Jake took the camera to the X games so I had nothing to document with. But that is all good! Also I haven’t had much extra time lately, Quinn is teething those dreaded molars and Millie is officially out of school for the summer. Another reason I’m super excited and surprised that I was able to get this top done so quickly!

As it is, Quinn is crying in my lap right now, so I will get to more of the details at a later post, when I am officially done for real :) Finished things make me happy!

Quilting Induced Insomnia


Lately, I have been sleeping SO well, it seems almost unlike me. Passing out between 11 and 12, not waking up until 8 or 8:30, feeling refreshed and amazing.

Yesterday, I bought a jelly roll to make my friend who just had a baby a little quilt. I’m pretty excited to do this since A) she deserves something really nice since SHE is so giving and nice and B) It has been entirely too long since I made a quilt. It feels good to have a reason to make one since Jake said “How many friggen’ blankets do we need?” :/

Well, last night I slept AWFUL!! I had no issues falling asleep, but at 2:30 I woke up JITTERY and wide awake. I couldn’t stop thinking about making the darn thing! And all that other nonsensical stuff that goes through your head when you are awake and ungodly hours of the night..  At around 4, when I was STILL LYING THERE I decided to just get up and start sewing! I figured “hey, I’m awake, I may as well do something productive!”

I got to sewing, made two chunks of 4 strips sewn and pressed, then decided it was time for BED. I still didn’t actually go back to sleep until around 6:30, but at least Quinn waited until 9 to wake me up :)

What a sweet boy <3


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